Theme one: Place and Space. The course begins with a close examination of the concept of place. We explore questions such as: What is place? What is the difference between place and space? How are places mapped? What is the relationship of place to location?

Theme two: Embodied Practice. We investigate how a constantly changing environment affects the ways in which we physically stabilize our sense of orientation. We consider ways to ask strategic questions about encounter, gathering, and location; exploring our sensory alignment of the world, and how it is synthesized by the social mix of influences that affect both physical and virtual environments.

Theme three: Merger of Mixed reality and Mobility. Mobile media are tools that connect the physical to the virtual, by handheld connectivity to networks and webs. New public sites are emerging as a result of this mix - situated storysites, community mapping, environmental installations that incorporate technology, to name a few - that create a new form of experience and authorship.

Drexel Spring 2012
Westphal School of Art and Design + School of Civic Engagement
College of Art and Science
Summer 2011, Drexel University:

Leonardo eJournal Locative Media Bibliography
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Fall 2010 New Brunswick, NJ Neighborhood Narratives

Spring 10 New Brunswick, NJ Neighborhood Narratives

Spring 09 New Brunswick, NJ Neighborhood Narratives

Fall 08 New Brunswick, NJ Neighborhood Narratives

Spring 08 New York, NY Neighborhood Narratives

Summer 07 Rome-Tokyo Neighborhood Narratives

Spring 07 Philadelphia-networked Neighborhood Narratives

Fall 06 Philadephia-networked Neighborhood Narratives

Spring 06 Philadelphia-networked Neighborhood Narratives

Fall 05 Philadelphia-networked Neighborhood Narratives
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